Video – Jennifer Garner reads bedtime story “Go the F*CK to Sleep”

Watch the hilarious youtube video of celebrity Jennifer Garner reading the bedtime story book “Go the f**ck to sleep“, the book we’d all love to read to our child at one time or another….I can so relate.

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had this thought at some point when our little ‘angel’ just won’t fall asleep. You’ll read to them, cuddle, beg and plead, but still they won’t ‘Go the F**k to sleep’. I mean who hasn’t resorted to pulling off mad ninja skills trying to creep out of your toddlers room after you think they’ve dozed off, only to have their eyes open the instant you get to their bedroom door with that inevitable….’mmmommy’, dashing all hopes and meaning you have to start all over again.

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Arrgghhhh I love my little munchkins but sometimes I absolutely do wish they would just ‘go the f**k to sleep’ as Jennifer Garner so well puts it. I’ll be honest, I’ve done the speed reading thing, where you skip a few paragraphs and pages to try speed things up – problem is my toddler is wise to this and will make me go back and read it properly. I mean, really, you’re cutting into mommies red wine time here….but we still love the little buggers    🙂

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