Best double stroller to buy

bugaboo donkey stroller review

It may come as a surprise, but not all double strollers are the same. These days you get quite a variety of different types that really depends on what you need. There’s the more traditional side-by-side double stroller, the tandem double strollersit and stand double stroller or perhaps a more lightweight umbrella double stroller. Each one offers something different in terms of features and benefits, and its worth considering your options before picking a double stroller to buy that’s right for you.

Questions when picking the best double stroller for you

  • Do I need my double stroller to fit through a doorway
  • Which double stroller is easier to push (hint: side by side stroller pushes and turns more easily)
  • Can it take a car seat? Can it take two car seats (hint: tandem strollers can usually take two more easily)
  • Does it have enough enough storage and cup holders for you and your kid/s
  • Can it be pushed on even surfaces like a tarred road and also on grass or at the beach (better suspension is good and inflatable tyres work better offroad)
  • How easy is it to fold up
  • Can it fit in the trunk of my car
  • Do you want to take the stroller with when jogging ?
  • and many more…

VIDEO: Side by Side VS Tandem double strollers

Double stroller where kids can face you/each other

City Select Tadem Stroller from Baby Trend

City select tandem stroller - front facingbaby trend tandem stroller - city select

Baby Trend’s City select tandem stroller is a great option for those parents that want to still be able to see their child better. One of the problems with tandem strollers is that the child in front can seem quite far away, and a little more difficult to keep an eye on or interact with. The City Select stroller lets you turn the front seat around to let you and the kids see each other and interact more.

The City Select double tandem stroller also lets you use a combination of seats, bassinets and car seats to match your needs.

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Double Stroller that fits through a normal doorway

Britax B agile Side-by-Side

Britax B-Agile - Best Double Stroller

Britax has some great strollers, and the b-agile double stroller is no exception. We really love this side-by-side double stroller. It has awesome features like a height adjustable handle, double umbrellas, separate reclining seats, takes a car seat and has a large storage basket underneath accessible from all sides.

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Tandem double stroller with different combinations for baby and toddlers

Chicco Cortina tandem stroller

chicco double stroller - infant configuration

This stroller from Chicco is truly a jack of all trades. It’s seating can be configured to allow you to have any combination of infants or toddlers: two infants, two toddlers or a toddler and infant. It’s build quality is also excellent, has high ratings and reviews from buyers and is priced economically

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Sit-and stand double stroller – baby in front and a toddler standing or sitting behind

Baby trend Sit and Stand ultra Stroller

sit and stand strollers - baby trend ultra review
These sit and stand strollers are a great option for moms (or dads) that have a baby and an older toddler that doesn’t really sit in a stroller anymore but does sometimes get tired and needs to rest their legs. This stroller lets the toddler stand on a board at the back while you push. The kids really enjoy this and find it quite fun, and this has the added benefit of you not having to keep an eye on them wandering off somewhere.

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Double stroller that converts from a single into a double stroller and back again

The Bugaboo Donkey Stroller

bugaboo donkey stroller review
Another really clever option, is the Bugaboo Donkey stroller which has a funny name but is seriously cool. It converts from a single stroller to a double stroller and back again.

What this means (and it literally blows our mind) is that you can use it as a single stroller in the beginning and then when you have your second bundle of joy, instead of having to buy a new stroller for two, you can just convert the bugaboo into a double stroller:

Viola! It allows you to attach a infant seat on the side for the baby, with a second child being able to sit in the seat alongside. We seriously love it and if you’re thinking of getting have a second baby later you should really consider buying this stroller.

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