Should I play music to my unborn baby while pregnant?

Pregnancy is a magical time and fetal babies growing in their mother’s womb is one of natures ultimate miracles. It’s often thought that unborn babies don’t have much interaction with the world outside while in the womb, but actually that’s not quite true. Stimulation using sound is one way that your unborn baby can interact with you and the outside world while you’re pregnant, and it actually encourages early language development.

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The University of Lecester in the United Kingdom did a study that showed how babies can remember music played to them in the womb twelve months after they are born. Research has shown that playing sounds and music to your baby at low volume can improve the following after birth:

  • reading
  • writing
  • speech development
  • co-ordination
  • attention spans
  • sleep patterns

One way to play pregnancy music to your baby in the womb is by using a prenatal baby music player. There are quite a few different types of audio and sound devices devices you can buy for this, the two most common are belly buds and a music belly belt/bands.

Benefits of playing music to your baby in the womb

By the beginning of the second trimester a baby will be able to hear more defined sounds such as instruments and singing. Prenatal music therapy can therefore be an important role in a babies development, with the following benefits.

  1. Relieve stress

    Let’s be honest, pregnancy can be a stressful time, so anything that can help calm you is a big positive. Music is good for expectant mothers too, and listening to music and the internal sounds and rhythms of the womb soothes helps moms to relax which can better help prepare and calm them for stressful times such as delivery of the baby.

  2. Increase the bond with your baby

    Music helps to stimulate and further develop the baby’s nervous system. A effective way to do this is to talk and sing to your unborn child. Singing well known lullabies is a good way to get your fetal baby to become familiar with your voice letting them feel more secure later after they are born.

    Studies have been conducted that show that a mother’s voice engages with a babies waist to their head, strengthening their upper body and neck. A father voice engages with baby’s lower body which often leads to them walking earlier at a younger age. Singing and playing music to your prenatal child also releases more endorphins that reduces pain.

  3. Further develop your baby’s language ability

    Music is widely accepted to be the start of a unborn baby learning language, by preparing the fetuses’s auditory senses to listen to and combine sounds. They also learn through listening to their mother’s voice when she talks and sings. These sounds a baby years while developing in the womb are fundamental since they are a basis from which they form their future learning.

When can a fetus hear music in the womb?

A fetal baby can normally start hearing sounds at about 18 months into pregnancy. They are able to hear sounds within the womb and from their mother as well as sounds outside of the womb. Babies have been shown to react to sounds that they hear from the outside.

At about 25 to 26 weeks, fetal babies have been seen to respond to outside sounds such as voices, music and other sounds. However scientists from Barcelona say they have evidence to show that unborn babies can hear in the womb at just 16 weeks gestation.

Recordings taken in the uterus show that sounds from outside the womb are at around half the normal noise levels. This is because they are surrounded by the fluids in the amniotic sack with no air around the uterus, causing noises to sound slightly muffled to the unborn baby.

Pregnancy Week

Baby Hearing development

4-5 weeksEmbryo starts to change shape arranging it’s cell into what will become the fetuses face, ears, eyes, nose etc
9 weeksBumps appear where baby’s ears will be
18 weeksBaby begins hearing sounds
24 weeksBaby is more sensitive to sound now
25-26 weeksBaby responds to voices, music and other noises

The sounds the baby will hear and respond to most is it’s mothers voice. By your third trimester your baby will even be able to recognize your voice, and his/her increased heart rate will indicate they are more aware when you’re talking.

Pregnancy belly budsbuy belly buds review coupon

Bellybuds are one of the best ways to safely play any music to your prenatal baby in the womb. These headphones for a pregnant belly can play both music and record your own voice to play back to your unborn baby during pregnancy. The belly buds are lightweight and discreet little speakers that can be used without anyone noticing while you’re out and about. Each small speaker uses an adhesive sticker that you can stick onto your tummy which keeps them hidden under your clothing with ease.

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Think of babybuds as a baby music player that lets you and your unborn child listen to your voice andbellybuds pregnancy headphonesmusic together. These baby bump headphones let you talk and sing to your baby and many customers report their baby becoming much more active and moving around when they talk and sing to their baby in the womb. Some people like to play gentle classical music to their babies in the womb. It’s been said that this sound stimulation helps with early development of infants language ability. Bear in mind it’s not a heartbeat monitor though so you can’t use the belly bud for listening to your baby’s heartbeat, only to play sounds to your baby.

VIDEO – Bellybuds on NBC Today show

Wavhello bellybuds app

The latest belly buds pregnancy headphones can also connect to any mobile Android or iOS phone, iPod or tablet device using the built in phone jack connection. There’s also an Android and iOS app from Wavhello that can be used with your bellybuds which lets you music to your baby, or use your phones built in voice recorder to record and play back personal messages to your unborn baby (this is a great feature that really makes you feel connected). You can even use the belly buds while on a voice or video call such as facetime video, or have your partner call you and then both you and the baby can use bellybuds to listen to thembaby music player - belly buds on the phone.

The website also lets you record stories, songs or messages and play them back to the unborn baby. This has a lot of practical uses, such as a dads recording messages for the mom to play back to their little ones. Or surrogate parents can use it to record songs and message onto the website and the surrogate can use the app to plug the bellybuds in and play it back to their baby, which allows them to have an earlier connection with the unborn child. Grannies can also benefit from this, leaving messages that allow them to ‘talk’ to their grandchild before they born, especially useful if they live far away.

Another key feature is that bellybuds also has a switch that switches between prenatal and normal mode (soft and louder volumes) so you can use it both before and after your child is born.


  • No batteries needed
  • Discreet and fits easily under clothes
  • Splitter to let you and the baby listen together
  • Can be used before and after birth.
    (includes a speaker switch to toggle volume between prenatal and normal)
  • 1 year Replacement guarantee
  • Can be used with mobile devices
  • Anyone can record songs and messages from afar, to talk to the baby
  • Custom app for voice messages and music
    • Can download pre-recorded nursery tracks
    • Use 3rd party music from pandora and spotify etc

What do you get in the box?bellybuds baby music player

  • BellyBuds speakers
  • 1 month supply of adhesive stickers
  • Audio splitter letting you and your baby listen at the same time
  • Nice storage pouch
  • Free digital album


Pregnancy music belts

Prenatal and pregnancy pregnancy music belts are also one of the best ways to play music to yourprenatal pregnancy music belt band - Lullabellyunborn baby in the womb. These music belly bands wrap around your pregnant tummy and have built in speakers on the band that the sound comes out of. The Lullabelly prenatal music belt shown in the picture also has an audio splitter and zip pocket in front to keep the wires and an additional headphone set for you to listen along too. The volume can be controlled separately so you can control the loudness for the baby and yourself independently. The lullabelly music belly band comes in a variety of different colours: brown, green, yellow, blue and pink. This music belt is made from durable soft fabric and can also be washed in a machine with the speakers being removable. The speakers for the baby have been built with safety in mind with the maximum volume level being at a similar level to that of you talking or singing aloud to your baby.

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  • Soft fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Audio splitter so you can listen along with your baby
  • Separate volume controls for you and the baby
  • Neat zip pocket to keep speakers and wires in
  • Can be plugged into mobile devices


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