Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Gliding Rocker Recliner

Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Gliding Rocker recliner review

The Naomi Home Odelia Swivel Gliding Rocker Recliner chair from Naomi Home has it all. A recliner and glider/rocker in one. The build quality is really solid and should last for many years. We found it to be comfortable and smooth when operating. The swivel chair can turn 360 and reclines almost to a flat position. This chair is 3 in 1! It is a recliner, rocker, and 360 swivel without needing to get up to reach things within arms length.

Material and comfort

It’s super comfortable with a soft smooth microfibre plush material covering. The Odelia swivel gliding rocker recliner also has nicely padded arms and foot rest for that extra comfort. The seat is firm but comfortable, even for larger adults. Even for tall people we found this recliner was just as comfortable for them in seated or reclined position – the backrest is about 27”from top of the seat to top of the backrest .

Rocking motion

The rocker chair rotates 360 degrees and the rocking motion is very smooth mainly due to it’s closed ball bearing mechanism for smoother operation. Note the chair doesn’t rock when in the reclined position – you either recline or glide/rock in the normal position.


We found the Odelia recliner smooth and quiet when opening and closing. The recline lever is in a convenient spot with a built-in easy-pull mechanism it easier for you to recline and rest your legs.

Once the release button is pushed the footrest pops out fairly quickly f you lean back a little. The recliner needs a little push to get it to fully recline, which should be easy enough, but if you’ve had a c-section it might be a bit more difficult.

You need about 14 inches clearance from the wall to fully recline it. And if you place it in a corner you’ll need about 25 inches or so clearance.

The Odelia swivel glider also reclines almost fully flat which we found useful if you want to try sleep.
We would suggest reclining slowly into the fully reclined position as some people found it tipped them over, but we didn’t experience this at all, so it’s likely they were using it incorrectly and not being careful.


The seat itself is about 20 inches in height from the floor, although the top of the recliner backrest is around 41 inches from the floor.


The white one we test is more off-white than white which we preferred. But the Naomi home Odelia swivel comes in following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Gray
  • Light Blue
  • Mocha (Tan/Light brown)
  • Navy


It comes in a big box. The swivel chair is fairly easy to put together and comes with all the tools needed in the packaging. It has two main pieces, and two side pieces. The bottom piece slides and locks into place with metal clips. You then slide the side into the back rest until the also lock together (the narrower end on the bottom and wider part on top)

Our Verdict

The Naomi home Odelia swivel rocker recliner is a perfect companion for feeding, comforting your baby or just relaxing! Overall it’s one of the best nursery glider chairs for breastfeeding or nursing Front view - Naomi Home Odelia swivel rocker reclinermoms. We love this chair for the price and features!


  • Has a study frame
  • Reclines almost flat
  • Very comfortable (plush cushions & padded arm/footrests)
  • Smooth and quiet glide operation
  • 360 degree rotation

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