HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper bassinet – 2019 Review

9.5 Total Score
Excellent bedside co sleeper bassinet!

We love the Halo swivel bassinet. It's great if you want easy access to your newborn baby without having them sleep in the bed with you. It has a collapsing side wall that you pull down when you need to get your baby in and out, which springs back into place after, so you have complete safety while having all the benefits of co sleeping. The bassinet itself also rotates 360 degrees making it easy to turn out the way when you need to creep to the bathroom in the middle of the night without waking your bundle of joy.

  • Height adjustable
  • Bassinets turns 360 degrees
  • Pull down collapsible side wall
  • Low wheels that slide under your bed
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The best feature of the Halo bassinest swivel sleeper is that you can get your baby in and out of it without needing to get out of bed, making it on of the best bassinets for breastfeeding moms. We also like that it has an extremely sturdy base that not even an adult would be able to knock over. The halo swivel bassinet comes with a mattress included, but you can purchase additional mattresses separately (Halo bassinets only take a specific mattress)

This bassinet is almost silent when moving it around which means you won’t wake your little bundle of joy.

Collapsable bassinet side wallBest bassinet for breastfeeding moms

The Halo bassinet let’s you get to your baby easily and quickly while you’re still in bed by being able to swivel the bassinet 360 degrees and having a collapsable side wall that you can just pull down to get to your baby – the wall gently springs back into place afterwards by itself. This makes the Halo swivel a perfect companion for those moms looking for a good breast feeding bassinet.

Base feet can be pulled under your bed to get closer

The wheel base of the Halo swivel bassinet has four wheels which are low enough to allow it to roll under most beds when it’s pulled closer to the bed. This allows the bassinet basket itself to overlap and partially rest on top of your bed, making it easy to take the baby out without needing to get up – which is a super convenient!

Height Adjustable

Being a tall bedside bassinet it’s perfect to keep next to your bed at night. Luckily you’re able to also halo swivel bassinet height adjustableadjust the height to match what’s most comfortable for the height of your bed.

Most other bassinets are a pain since you have to get one that is just the right height to match your bed, but this bassinet will match just about any bed easily.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Features

  • Bassinet rotates 360 degrees so you can get closer to your baby from any angle
  • Sidewall can be lowered to see to your baby easily while still in bed
  • Great for caring for baby while recovering from childbirth. Age & Weight Limit
  • Takes babies up to 20 lbs in weight. 
  • Nice stable 4 point base
  • Bassinet’s base wheels can easily roll under your bed to get it closer to you
  • Very stable base (won’t tip over)
  • Can lower the sidewall to take the baby out to breastfeed in bed
  • Easily swivel the bassinet 360 degrees
  • Height adjustable to any bed
  • Silent wheel movement
  • Needs a specific bassinet mattress (but it comes with a mattress)
  • Bit more expensive than some other bassinets (worth it for the easier breastfeeding ability

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