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Finding the best baby heartbeat monitor lets you listen to your babies heartbeat in the comfort of your own home. Back in the day anxious parents had to wait for their routine doctor visit to check up on little Tommy or Suzy. It’s quite an experience hearing that heartbeat for the first time, and if your first experience is anything like mine, it’s the only part of the sonogram that makes sense. I couldn’t tell the difference between her head and her toes, but I could hear the life flowing inside her.

What is the one thing a mother wants to know while she’s pregnant? It’s that her baby is safe and happy

With modern technology parents can take this moment home with them and enjoy to it over and over again, and make that connection even deeper. And they do it by using baby heartbeat monitors or fetal dopplers.

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Our top picks – Best baby heartbeat monitors

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor – Review

best baby heartbeat monitor

The Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor gives you a deeper look into the life of your baby. Not only does it give you the opportunity to listen to the heartbeat, but you can hear all the noises and sounds the baby makes. You get to hear them kick and get the hiccups, while making sure their hearts are in perfect condition. Basically, you get to hear what your baby is up to when they refuse to let you sleep. Plus, can you think of listening to anything more relaxing?

What’s even greater about the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor is that you can let the rest of the family listen as well. You can actually share this special experience with loved ones and give them a better idea of what you’re going through. It’s almost like a “get out of jail free” card for the mood swings friends and family have to endure, although it’s probably the daddies who’ll hear it the most.

Special Features and Things to Consider

Okay, so we’ve already covered the main reason why the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor is so special, now we just need to look at everything else that comes with it.

  • It’s safe and non-invasive, which means both mom and dad can simply enjoy every second. However, for increased safety and peace of mind, it’s recommended to only use it for less than 10 minutes at a time, and not too frequently. Given that the FDA has approved it for continual use, this is not a medical device that should substitute regular checkups.
  • Record the sounds to your computer by connecting it with the monitor. That’s right, you can make those memories last a little longer and the cable is included.
  • In terms of how soon you’ll starting hearing a heartbeat, the average time is 16 weeks. Although, some mothers say they can hear it from 10 weeks.

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What do you get in the box?Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

  • Womb music receiver
  • 2 Sets of ear buds
  • A recording cable
  • Friendly songs, Lullaby album and download card
  • User guide

Womb Music Product Specifications

  • The monitor weighs 2.2 ounces and the dimensions measure at 4 x 2.8 x 2 inches
  • It requires one 9 volt battery, which is included with the package and lasts about 6 hours
  • It’s not a portable device
  • Volume is easily adjustable and it comes with a Power-LED indicator
  • Gel or lubrication is recommended to minimize the static from moving the monitor around
  • Two sets of earbuds are also included in the package
  • Easy On/Off switch and volume control with Power-On LED Indicator

Womb Music Customer Reviews

After receiving more than 1400 reviews thus far, the Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor rates 4.5 out of 5 stars. Out of all the reviewers 79% gave it five stars, stating that it’s an amazing product that really helps them to bond with the baby. Another 9% gave it 4 stars. Many of them appreciate the fact that they can keep better track after going through several miscarriages.

On the lower end, 7% gave it a one star rating. Their complaints are based on the noise when the monitor loses contact with the skin, and some couldn’t find the heartbeat.

Our Final Thoughts

Bonding with your baby on a more intimate level is actually possible thanks to the WombMusic fetal monitor. It’s safe and easy to use, it’s got amazing audio sound, and it will help you to sleep better at night knowing your baby’s heartbeat is healthy. And don’t forget using the monitor is also about sharing this experience with your loved ones, especially dad.

FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor – Review

FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Despite the name, the FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor is a device that allows you to listen out for several sounds your baby is making. You can use it in the comfort of your home to listen to the heartbeat, kicking and overall movement. Of course this isn’t the only heartbeat monitor on the market. But as the competition between developers continue, the quality of the monitors tend to get better. Now they just have to invent a monitor to let the baby know he or she is putting a little too much pressure on your bladder, or at least get them to stop kicking when you want some much needed sleep.
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Product Features

It has to be said that the FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor is one of the better designs, which is something that’s definitely going to appeal to new mothers. But it’s not the cute package that will take you into the home of your baby. Instead, it’s the technology behind it.

  • Clear sound

The most definitive feature of the monitor is its ability to carry the sounds coming from your baby. Not only do you get to check if the baby has a healthy heartbeat, you also listen to what they get up to while inside the womb.

  • Easy to use

According those who have used the heartbeat monitor, it provides a very clear sound and it’s incredibly easy to use. You can take a look at the video at the end of the review to see how it works specifically, but for the most part it’s pretty basic and straightforward.

  • It’s safe

The hearbeat monitor is safe to use and you shouldn’t worry about harming the baby. However, it’s always best to keep the sessions below 10 minutes and to generously space them out. Even if a product like this is fully approved by the FDA for continual use, there’s nothing wrong with taking extra precaution.

  • It has two standard headphone jacks

All the dads will be happy to know that the monitor comes with two standard headphone jacks, which means you and mom can listen to the sounds at the same time. However, the package only includes one pair of headphones.

  • Record the sounds

Thanks to the recording cable that forms part of the package, you can record the heartbeat and sounds. How wonderful will it be to able to send friends and family sound clips from your unborn baby?

  • Other goodies

In addition to the headphone set and the recording cable, you’ll also get ultrasound gel, which is applied before using the monitor. This will make sure there’s no irritation and you can simply enjoy what you hear. To top things off, you also get two CDs.

FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Customer Reviews and Other Considerations

Given that it’s quite new to the market, there aren’t many reviews on Amazon yet. But the two ratings that were given are both 5 stars. Of course it’s not a perfect product and there were one or two small problems. But these were sorted quickly and easily after the developer was contacted. The Figerm also comes with a 1 year warranty.

As for other considerations to keep in mind, don’t expect to hear something before the 15 week mark. It’s totally understandable that you’re anxious to hear what’s going on, but attempting it too soon can leave you disappointed.

In Conclusion – Figerm heartbeat monitor

Thus far the FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor has delivered on the promise of making the connection between you and your baby. Even though there are bound to be parents who prefer other monitors, for the price and the quality it’s a very solid purchase.

BundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby – ReviewBundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby

It should be said from the start that no baby monitor should substitute regular visits to the doctor. Plus, if you feel something is wrong, don’t just rely on a baby monitor to ease your mind. Contact your doctor and make sure everything is fine. However, a fetal monitor can serve as an early warning system. There are so many cases when things happen without the mother noticing, which is why the BundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby is such a perfect companion during your pregnancy.

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With this device you can literally experience your pregnancy on a whole other level. Instead of just feeling them kicking and moving, you can listen to it all happening. The best part is that the whole family can listen to the same sounds and really get some perspective on what a mother goes through.

BundleTumble BabyBlip Womb Baby

It’s the Perfect Gift

Of course there are many great gifts you can give a friend or family member, but will they be expecting something as amazing as the BundleTumble BabyBlip heart rate monitor? Many of the great reviews this product has on Amazon are based on the fact that it makes for the perfect gift.

BundleTumble Special Features

  • Clear Sound

With the BundleTumble BabyBlip you get a clear sound, which means peace of mind. No longer do you have to wait till your next appointment to listen to that beautiful little heartbeat.

  • Record Everything

It’s going to be amazing to hear your unborn baby get the hiccups, but imagine playing it for friends and family? With the monitor comes a recording cable for this specific purpose.

  • Portable and Lightweight

You’ll be happy to know that the design isn’t just adorable, but it’s also portable and lightweight. Taking it with you won’t be a problem at all.

  • Two Headphone Jacks

The monitor comes with two standard headphone jacks, which makes it possible for two people to listen at the same time. Also note that a 9v battery is included and it’s not a device that requires charging.

Technical Specifications

  • The heartbeat monitor weighs 12.8
  • The dimensions are 5.5 x 4.7 x 2.9 inches
  • Battery is included

Customer Ratings and Reviews

Since the BundleTumble BabyBlip has been available on the market it has received an onslaught of positive reviews. To quote some of them:

“Purchased as a gift for my cousin when I heard she was pregnant. She has had several miscarriages and I’ve read these can be extremely helpful in keeping a mother’s stress levels down when they need to listen for the baby.”

“This Womb Baby Sound amplifier is simply amazing! It works best with gel but in a squeeze it still works without it.”

“I love this product!! I’m seriously addicted!”

Thus far it has 52 reviews, of which 86% are 5 stars and 8% 4 stars.

There were isolated complaints about not hearing the baby, but these are few and far between. Other than that the customers were very impressed.

BundleTumble – Our Final Thoughts

The Bundletumble babyblip fetal doppler is a great little baby heart rate monitor that’s a good compromise between price and the features you need to be able to listen to your baby in the womb.

The proper time to start listing to the baby is at 14 to 16 weeks, but some parents can hear noises from as early as 12. So, if you can’t wait any longer, but you’re not exactly where you should be, just practice a little patience. Those heavenly sounds will definitely come.

What You Need to Know about Baby Heartbeat Monitoring at home

Fetal Heartbeat Monitoring During Pregnancy

Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

There’s a good reason why obstetricians pay so much attention to the heartbeat of the baby. It tells them things like whether the baby is still in a healthy condition, or how medication for high risk pregnancies can influence them. The rhythm of the heartbeat, which can range between 110 and 160 beats per minute depending on the circumstances, is a central system for monitoring their safety.

With a fetal doppler parents can monitor the heartbeat at home. It’s an invention that allows mothers who have undergone miscarriages to feel safer. But also, it’s an invention that brings both parents closer to the baby. Mom and dad can actually share the experience on a regular basis.

When can You Hear Your Baby’s Heartbeat?

The general time-frame for clearly hearing the heartbeat starts at 14 weeks. But it could take up to 16 in some cases, while others report hearing sounds as early as 8 weeks. In other words, your baby will let you know when he or she is ready to share their daily routines with you.

How do You Count a Baby’s Heartbeat?

Counting your baby’s heartbeat is a fairly simple process. Just count the heartbeats for 15 seconds and multiply them by 4. This will give you an average heartbeat per minute (bpm). As mentioned earlier, the typical heart rate for an unborn baby starts around 110 and can go as high as 160. But sometimes it can go even higher to 180 or 190, which is considered normal under certain conditions.

There’s an old wives tale that a fetal heart rate of 140 bpm or higher signals that you’ll have a girl and lower than 140 bpm means you’ll have a boy – but this has been backed up scientifically.

Mom should take note here, because your stress and anxiety can and will influence your baby and their heartrate. And even though keeping a pregnant woman relaxed seems like an impossible task, it’s critical to keep stress and anxiety at a minimum.

How can I Listen to My Baby’s Heartbeat?

There are several ways you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat, and they include using a basic stethoscope. However, you’ll probably have to wait until week 18 before a strong heartbeat will come through. And of course you can just visit the doctor, although it can be very costly.

Fetal dopplers is the affordable alternative to visiting the doctor and picks up sound a lot faster than a stethoscope. However, they should never replace scheduled appointments with your doctor. Dopplers are only meant to strengthen the connection between you and your baby, while giving you peace of mind in the middle of the night.

What is a Fetal Doppler or Heart Rate Monitor?

Initially this type of equipment or devices could only be found at health care professionals, but over the years they gained popularity for personal use. These devices are portable monitors you can easily use to listen to the heartbeat of your baby. There are many different models and types on the market, but they all have one thing in common.

How do You Use a Fetal Doppler?

FIGERM Unborn Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Most fetal dopplers follow the same pattern in terms of use. Starting with the right position, it’s best if youlie down for your first self exam so-to-speak. It might be possible to hear a heartbeat while sitting or standing, you want your abdomen exposed and open.

Now you simply apply a good amount of gel onto the portable probe and begin at the mid-line of the abdomen. The angle of the probe should be slightly downwards, focused behind the pubic bone.

Take note that early in the pregnancy the heartbeat is going to be very faint. So, there’s a good chance you’ll miss it by trying too early. But also pay attention to the quality of the fetal doppler you’re using, because higher quality means less static.

The last thing to remember is to be patient. Given the faint heartbeat early in the pregnancy, try not to get frustrated if you don’t hear something right away.

In Conclusion

Everything starts with a heartbeat. More specifically, it starts with your baby’s heartbeat. This is a sound that will make you forget about the clothes you can’t wear anymore, the swollen ankles, and the many nights of sleep you lost because a comfortable position doesn’t exist in pregnancy land. I’m not even going to get into the morning sickness that never actually sticks to its designated schedule.

Once you start listening to your baby fidgeting and making all kinds of noises, you’ll appreciate the experience so much more. And this appreciation won’t just be based on the magical sounds you’ll be hearing, but also the peace of mind that your baby is happy and healthy. But how exactly is this possible without going to the doctor?

Now you know why fetal heartbeat monitoring is so important, how to do it, and what to do it with. The
great part if you’re using a modern doppler is that you can record the sounds, then play them for friends and family. Another great feature some of them have is the double headphone jacks, which lets mom and dad enjoy the experience at the same time.

This is a special time for you and your partner, so why not make the most of it? After 9 months you’re going to miss the company inside your belly, but listening to those sounds every once in a while can fill the space up again.

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