Can you prevent cluster feeding?

can you prevent cluster feeding

Cluster feeding can sometimes be a tough time for new moms, as they can feel overwhelmed and suffer from exhaustion, sore nipples and frustration dealing with a fussy baby.

You can’t prevent cluster feeding or stop it altogether – and for several reasons. One of these reasons is that your baby is acting on instincts to feed, which is critical for their development. And this will only make them more fussy and uncomfortable. 

So, unless your doctor is advising you to prevent cluster feeding, there are other approaches you can use. More specifically, you can control certain elements that can ease the physical and emotional toll cluster feeding is bound to take. I suggest rather following our tips on how to cope with cluster feeding.

Is Cluster Feeding Bad or Abnormal?

Cluster feeding is not bad or abnormal. It doesn’t mean your baby is sick or even that you are not producing enough nutritional milk. And just because researchers can’t pin-point the reason why it happens should not leave you in a panicked state. 

Actually, there are possible benefits that come with cluster feeding. For instance, some experts believe it helps the baby in terms of emotional and neurological regulation. They also believe it helps the baby to sleep longer while increasing your milk supply. Of course, it also gives you some important skin time with your newborn. 

The best thing you can do is try to identify cluster feeding as soon as possible and prepare for it. But always remember that cluster feeding is considered a normal process and will usually come with a fair amount of baby fussiness during this time. And if you are having any doubts, just consult your doctor. There is no point in taking unnecessary risks when your baby’s health is the priority. 

Will a dummy stop cluster feeding?

There is a possibility that a dummy can stop cluster feeding, but it’s more likely to be a very limited approach. Because distracting a baby’s attention and distracting their hunger are two very different things. And sooner rather than later, your baby will simply reject the dummy as a substitute when their hunger is too much. 

Final Thoughts

So as you can see. There might not be a definitive way to stop cluster feeding from happening, but you can make it easier on yourself by following our tips above. It’s important to also look after your health and sanity during this time, to ensure you’re able to provide your baby with the attention and adequate nutrition it needs as they go through their growth spurts.

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