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Best wooden baby and toddler toys

Baby and toddler toys don’t need to be complicated because it’s simple shapes that babies want and tactile
surfaces like wood are great for their little fingers to explore. Wooden baby toys are really fun for babies and toddlers, and I know growing up that I had wooden toy blocks which were perfect for learning motor skills when stacking them up. And Wooden stacking rings are another classic baby toy that is still a best seller for many parents. Many wooden toys today are still great for encouraging babies to grasp and develop their fine motor skills.


Our top picks (reviewed below)

Organic wooden toy duck & teether

This playful wooden duck from well known educators Montesorri, aims to stimulate your baby’s  senses.wooden baby teether toyBeing organic and BPA free it also doubles up as a natural teether. It’s a quality product made from European beechwood with a non-toxic water based paint, so your little one can chew on it and use it as a teether knowing its completely safe.

Best from age: 3-6 months

  • Non-toxic, Organic and BPA free (made from beechwood)
  • Can be used by your baby for teething
  • Built in soft rattle when shaken
  • Smooth and simple shape
  • Easy to hold and play with
  • Great quality toy


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Wooden Wiggling worm

The wooden wiggling worm grasping toy from ‘Melissa and Doug’ is a really great playful wooden baby toy. melissa and doug wriggling worm wooden toyIt’s very tactile and stimulates their mind by letting your baby twist the snakes body in different directions. And babies love the bright green colour too.

Best from age: 6 months

  • Easy to twist the snakes body with eight different movable segments
  • With its bright shades of green, appealing expression
  • Great as an introduction to simple movable toys
  • Painted with non-toxic paint
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Wooden sorting cube

Another classic wooden toddler toy is this wooden sorting cube from Melissa and Doug. It really melissa and doug wooden toy sorting cubeis a great educational toy, teaching your child hand eye co-ordination, shape recognition and pattern matching all at the same time. When I bought this for my little boy when he was around 18 months he really struggled at first but it was amazing to watch the progress after showing him and a bit of practise. So I can highly recommend this wooden shape sorting cube as a real winner for the little ones.

Best from age: 24 months

  • Comes with 12 shapes
  • Each shape fits through its matching hole.
  • Classic educational toy
  • Solid wooden construction
  • Bright colours that help colour and shape recognition
  • Helps build early development problem solving skills
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Little wooden toy plane

Who doesn’t love planes? These wooden toy planes are awesome as a baby’s first introduction to vehicles. hape baby toddler wooden toy planeThe bright blue color is eye-catching but soothing. Sometimes the simple toys really are the best. The wings are elastically hinged so they do move up and down which is a nice added touch and makes it more interesting for your baby to play with.

Best from age: 10 months

  • Non-toxic
  • Wings can move
  • Good for developing fine motor skills


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Wooden activity centre

We love this wooden activity centre! If you have a bit of extra money to spend on a toy that is an investment wooden baby toy activity centrethat will help your baby learn in lots of different ways and develop their fine motor skills, then I highly suggest this great educational toy. It’s recommended for babies 1 year and up and has 5 different brightly colored activities to keep your baby entertained for ages.

Best from age: 6 months

Baby Activities included:

  • wooden cube with curvy wire rides
  • peek a boo doors
  • spin and match animals
  • turn and learn ABC word tiles
  • racing rollers
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Benefits of buying wooden baby toys

Wooden Toys are Durable

I’m sure you all know friends, your parents or even grandparents that still have some wooden toys around from when they were little or wooden toys that you played with when you were a baby or toddler. Wooden toys are generally made to last, they don’t have fancy electronics or plastics that weather or break over time and make perfect toys because they can take the abuse from being played with over and over.

Wooden toys improve motor skills

One of the best advantages of buying wooden toys for your baby or toddler is that they are excellent at best wooden toys to buy for baby toddlerimproving your child’s fine motor skills because they are tactile and encourage movement by their very nature. You want to touch, hold and move a wooden toy and they encourage you to move them along.

Wooden Toys Encourage Imagination

If you think about a small wooden made car, compared to a plastic toy with batteries and whizz-bang features, you’ll easily see that the simplicity of a wooden toy requires a kid to use their own story telling to put the wooden toy into motion. This is what encourages them to use their imagination to make the most out of their interactions with a wooden toy. This is especially true if wooden toys are played with in a group of 2 or more kids.

Better for the environment

Wooden toys are generally a lot more environmentally friendly and usually safe and BPA free. Being made of natural materials they are also safer for your child. If however they are painted make sure the paint used is also safe and BPA and lead free. In today’s consumer based world more and more parents are conscious of the environment and giving your child some wooden toys is a great way to make sure you’re not adding unfriendly plastics back into nature, while also ensuring your baby gets a natural and safe toy to play with. Something to check if you’re particularly environmentally conscious is whether the wood is harvested from sustainable forestry.

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