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iBaby monitor review

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iBaby - A Great wifi camera baby monitor

We highly recommend this camera baby monitor. Watch your baby via the video feed on your phone. Really good full HD picture quality with wifi and internet connectivity from anywhere, and built in thermometer and humidity readings.

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The iBaby monitor is a great wifi baby monitor that can be used to monitor your baby using your Android or iOS phone/tablet to watch a video feed of your baby. We reviewed

Best iBaby monitor reviewsthe iBaby M6S monitor model which offers full HD in 1080P that gives a super clear quality picture. The iBaby monitor also supports night-vision which is very good quality too. It connects to your mobile device via your wifi router, and can be installed in just a few minutes using the free iBaby mobile app. You can also use the app to move the camera around remotely.

Another great feature is that you can access the monitor video feed outside of wifi range over the internet from anywhere – so checking up on your baby from work or when you are out for example is possible using your regular network data connection (2g/3g/LTE) on your Android or iPhone device.

The iBaby app also lets you see what the temperature, humidity and air quality of the baby room is. We like the talk back feature too which lets you talk to the baby from wherever you are, letting you calm and soothe them when needed. The iBaby also allows you to record your voice and replay it to the baby or even connect to your iTunes account and play your songs to them.

What we love about the iBaby Monitor

  • Clear Full HD picture
  • Good quality night vision mode
  • Wifi connectivity via wifi router (dual band supported) or over the internetbest wifi monitor review
  • Watch the baby on your iOS or Android phone/tablet
  • Move the camera just by swiping on the app from your phone/tablet. It rotates 360 degress and tilts 110 degress.
  • See the temperature, humidity and the air quality of the room that the baby is in
  • Play songs and bed time stories. You can even record your voice and replay it to your baby at bedtime.
  • Save videos and photos of whats being monitored, and share them with friends and family on social media sites like twitter and facebook
  • You can talk back to the baby so they can also hear you
  • Add other users to let them monitor the baby remotely too

What needs improvement

  • Wifi can sometimes be a little unreliable if you don’t have a strong wifi signal
  • The app uses quite a lot of data – but you can turn off background data usage to reduce the amount of data it uses by quite a bit
  • Some people have experience install problems. If that happens its suggested that you completely uninstall the app and then reset the monitor (unplug and plug it back in). And start the installation from the beginning again

What do you get in the box?

ibaby m6s wifi baby monitor

  • iBaby M6S monitor unit
  • Power adapter
  • Monitor base and sensors
  • Instruction guide

* A iBaby wall mount kit can also be bought separately


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