12 Best Baby Bassinets Reviewed

babybjorn cradle bassinet

It’s natural that you only want to find the best bassinet for your baby, which is exactly why we created this list and buyers guide. We’ll take you through the best-selling bassinets, covering different needs and designs. We also answer the most frequently asked questions, and safety concerns that you should be aware of. 

The best bassinet to buy depends on what you need from a baby bassinet. Are you looking for a bedside bassinet, a co-sleeping bassinet to help you sleep closer to your baby, an automatic rocking one to help your baby fall asleep, or something stylish like the Bjorn bassinet. You even get bassinets that have an overhead baby mobile or maybe you need a compact or travel bassinet? Knowing where and how you’ll be using your bassinet makes the decision easier.

Best Bassinet Comparison

NameImageBest forPrice
Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Best budget Bassinet $ View on Amazon
Summer Infant Classic Comfort Best Wooden Bassinet $$ View on Amazon
Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Best all-round bassinet $$ View on Amazon
Badger Moses basket Bassinet Best wicker moses basket bassinet $ View on Amazon
Graco playard bassinet Best Bassinet for Twins $$ View on Amazon
BABYBJORN Cradle Best Bassinet for Infants $$$ View on Amazon
HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Best Tall Bedside Bassinet $$$ View on Amazon
SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper Best Co-sleeper Bassinet $ View on Amazon
3 in 1 Travel Bassinet Best convertible combo Travel Bassinet $ View on Amazon
MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Travel Crib Best portable Bassinet $$ View on Amazon
Badger Elite Oval Best Round Bassinet $$ View on Amazon

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings – Best Bassinet with Wheels (budget friendly)

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings BassinetFor parents who want a bassinet that’s mobile, you can’t go wrong with the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet. Apart from providing you with incredible stability and mobility with its built-in wheels, it comes with several features that ultimately justify all the raving reviews. And a bonus is it’s also one of the most affordable and cheaper bassinets on the market.

From assembly bassinet with wheels to adjust it for comfort, you won’t have any difficulty. The canopy, which has an elegant and sleek floral design, can easily be adjusted to keep the sun from your baby’s eyes, providing significant protection. It also features a built-in night light, in addition to a music player complete with a list of soothing songs your bundle of joy can relax to. And of course, there is more than enough storage space thanks to the two-section basket just underneath.

The steel frame ensures that this best-selling bassinet on wheels stays intact and sturdy, giving you peace of mind from the second you lay your baby to rest, to the moment you pick your baby back up. Chances are, your baby will love it so much, it will feel like a second home.

In terms of size, the dimensions are trim and you shouldn’t have any problems steering the bassinet in smaller spaces. And what about space for your baby? There’s more than enough to go around inside the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet.

Check price on Amazon – Delta Children Bassinet>>>

Summer Infant Classic Comfort – Best Wooden Bassinet

Summer infant classic bassinetTreat your baby to a classic and comfortable design, namely the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet. The name says it all because just looking at it seems to create a calming atmosphere. 

This beautiful more traditional bassinet features an espresso hardwood finish with a soft and colorful pattern for the canopy, which is easily adjustable. It also comes with a padded mattress, a fitted sheet, and the bassinet is based on sturdy wheels. It’s easy to travel around the house, while the added melody module helps them to linger towards dreamland. It should also be noted that the melody module has a vibrating feature, just in case you need a little extra help for soothing purposes. And, of course, you have a lot of storage space with the large storage basket, which can be found just underneath the bassinet.

There’s no doubt that the baby features you get with the best wooden bassinet will keep your bundle of joy happy and googling all types of content noises. The space inside is comforting, but not constrictive, and the overall size and design allow for easy mobility. However, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get any work done because once you place your baby inside the Summer Infant Classic Comfort Wood Bassinet, it might end up being a very inspiring photo day you won’t want to miss.    

Check price on Amazon – Summer Infant Classic Bassinet>>>

Fisher Price Soothing Motion – Best Automatic Rocking Bassinet

best bassinet - fisher price soothing motion bassinetThe Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Bassinet is perfect for parents who want to ensure their baby gets enough rest. Few things are as important as sleep for a baby, seeing as it speaks directly to brain development and alertness, and the best automatic rocking bassinet has to be this one.

A vibrating bassinet safe for newborns, every design feature is based on helping to soothe the baby, whether they prefer sound, visuals, or a basic rocking motion. With the mesh sides all around, it’s a breathable bassinet that allows you to easily see your newborn baby from every angle.

In fact, you can put all these things in one with this purchase, because it really is as magical as it sounds. With clean modern lines, mesh sides and a comfy mattress, the stage is set to help baby drift off to dreamland. 

Going over some of the features, there’s a built-in overhead baby mobile that provides all the visual soothing. Take note that it can be removed and used on a tabletop as well. There’s also the music module and soothing vibrations you can use, and of course, it sways automatically. And if you are worried about storage space, don’t be. There’s enough right underneath the Fisher-Price Soothing Motion Bassinet for diapers, etc.

The bassinet looks brilliant, babies love it, and there are so many ways to help induce a good night’s rest. And what can be better for the baby and the parents?

Check price on Amazon – Fisher Price Smooth Motion Bassinet>>>

Graco Pac ‘n Play Playard – Best Bassinet for Twins

Twins, double the pleasure and double the trograco pack n play playard bassinetuble. There’s no doubt you are going to have your hands full, which means every bit of help you can get will be appreciated. In this case, help comes in the form of the Graco Pac n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet. It transitions into what you want it to be when you and the twins need it.

You’re looking at the very modern and compact design, giving your babies just enough space to stay entertained, but not enough to get into harm’s way. The transition can be made between aligning bassinets for nap time, and a playpen for fun time. And it’s made easier in terms of mobility thanks to the 2 wheels at the bottom. The complete unit is made of metal and plastic.

The quilted bassinets easily fit into the playpen, and can just as easily be removed, which makes up for the lack of other luxuries you’d expect. The convenience of this bassinet alone is reason enough to buy it, not to mention how sturdy and durable it is. While it presents well in any room, the Graco Pac ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet is the perfect companion for your twins. 

Check price on Amazon – Graco Pac ‘n Play Twins Bassinet>>>

BABYBJORN Cradle – Best Bassinet for infants

babybjorn cradle bassinetA best-seller, the BABYBJORN Cradle is a must-have bassinet. The portability and lower height let you keep the baby close to your bedside, and it never has to get uncomfortable for either of you.

This bassinet features a special spring system, much like those you’d find on a stroller. The spring system is sensitive to movement, making it sway gently and automatically when the baby gets restless, or when you give it a soft push.  The soft mesh sides are see-through, provide great ventilation, and are more than capable of keeping your newborn safely inside. Additionally, the mesh just zips off for easy cleaning, along with the cover for the waterproof mattress.

The design of the bassinet is very practical but still presents well. In other words, when you see it, you can’t wait to let your newborn enjoy what’s inside. And, there are two additional accessories for the BABYBJORN Cradle, adding even more practicality and convenience. The first is the canopy, and the second is the special fitted sheet, which is made of organic cotton fabric.

With this high-quality BabyBjorn bassinet, you’ll always be able to see your newborn, and the baby’s movement will be enough to gentle rock themselves to sleep.

Check price on Amazon – BabyBjorn Cradle Bassinet>>>

HALO Bassinet Swivel Sleeper – Best Bassinet for breastfeeding moms

Best tall bedside bassinetUnlike other bassinets, the HALO Swivel Sleeper Bassinet one can rotate 360 degrees, making it really unique in the market. This tall bedside bassinet stands on a sturdy frame and base that can’t easily be toppled over and which easily fits right next to the bed, from where the parent can easily nurse or tend to the baby. This feature is ideal for mothers recovering from a C-section or other labor pains, but it’s definitely not the only one.

Read our full review of the Halo Swivel Bassinest.

The side-wall of the bassinet can be dropped, making it even easier to tend to the baby, making it one of the best bassinet for breastfeeding moms. The base of the frame also conveniently slides underneath the bed and allows you to pull the bassinet as close to the bed as possible on most beds, making it easier for those late-night feeds when you’re likely to be a semi-zombie yourself. The fitted sheet is made from 100% polyester, which can be wiped with a damp cloth, or it can be washed in the machine. Additionally, the mattress is covered with a waterproof polyurethane pad.

In terms of room sharing and safe alternatives for sleeping on the same bed, the HALO Swivel Sleeper Bassinet is as close as it gets and highly recommended. 

Check price on Amazon – Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinet>>>

SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper – Best Co-sleeper Bassinet

swaddleme co sleeper bassinetConvenience meets safety with the SwaddleME By Your Side Sleeper bassinet. It’s another solution when you want your newborn to sleep right next to you, without risking any harm. We don’t suggest co sleeping with a newborn on your chest and would rather recommend one of the recommended beside the bed bassinets instead

However if you really wanted to put your baby in the bed with you, then this is the best co sleeper bassinet option that can go in the bed with you that gives some some added safety, and the design will ensure the parents have a comfortable nights sleep, and still provide enough room for the baby to feel open and relaxed.

Featuring sturdy metal frames, which can easily fold up for traveling purposes, in addition to see-through mesh sides, so you’ll always know what’s going on inside the bassinet, even with your head on the cushion. It is placed between the parents, and the soft mesh sides make it easy for mom or dad to tend the baby if necessary, especially the compressible frameless portion in the middle which allows you to put the baby in gently without the frame blocking your arms.

The unit includes a comfortable mattress and a fitted sheet, and you don’t have to worry about the baby overheating thanks to the breathable materials. In regards to design options, it’s available in three different styles. The original is what this review is focused, but you can also look at the Bassinet and Deluxe model, which offer different benefits.

Ultimately, the SwaddleMe By Your Side Sleeper bassinet will really let you bond with your baby without causing any type of distress during sleep. If you’re looking for a bedside bassinet for breastfeeding then look at our review of the best breastfeeding bassinets.

Check price on Amazon – SwaddleMe Sleeper Bassinet>>>

3 in 1 Travel Bassinet (plus Diaper Bag & Change Mat) – Best Convertible Travel Bassinet

best convertible bassinetFor moms who want to maintain an active lifestyle while keeping their baby close, the 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet with Diaper Bag and Change Mat is the perfect companion. It can be used as a portable bassinet, a diaper bag and a change mat, which is basically every parent’s dream.

Apart from being incredibly stylish, this is the best convertible travel bassinet is incredibly practical. It’s made to withstand a lot of wear and tear, and at the same time, give you all the carrying space in the world. Whether you need it to keep the diapers and wet-wipes in one of the 8 zipped pockets, or you need to store milk in one of the insulated pockets, everything you need to keep your baby comfortable can come along.

The unisex design won’t make dad feel too feminine when he’s on patrol, and it unfolds within a few seconds to provide you with a hygienic changing mat, or a bassinet if you need it to be one.

Elements that really stand out from this specific 3-in-1 travel bassinet are convenience, durability, and practicality. And it always looks good, no matter what you do with it.  The unit comes with a free drawstring bag, and it has stroller handles in case you were wondering.

Check price on Amazon – 3 in 1 Travel Baasinet>>>

MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Travel Crib – Best Portable Bassinet

best portable travel bassinet cribThe MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn model is special for two specific reasons. It literally takes seconds to set it up and fold up, making it one of the easiest bassinets to store and travel with. Secondly, it allows for a rocking motion and stationary motion, which helps to soothe the baby before and after going to sleep

Naturally, the mesh walls are high-quality and see-through, and the bassinet itself has considered a budget buy. But that doesn’t mean it won’t give you all the sturdiness other higher priced bassinets offer. In fact, this is one model that competes with the best portable travel bassinets on the market today. The unit comes with a mattress and pad, which has a waterproof cover that can also be detached and washed.

It’s stylish, it’s compact, and how much more convenient can travel with a bassinet be? Being so compact it’s also one of the best bassinets for small spaces in general. And thanks to the specific fold-out design, it takes up very little space when folded too. Nope, you can’t go wrong with the MiClassic 2in1 Rocking Bassinet One-second Fold Travel Crib Portable Newborn if you plan on keeping an active lifestyle or just want a compact bassinet that takes up less space.

Check price on Amazon – MiClassic 2in1 Rocking portable bassinet>>>

Badger Elite Oval – Best Round Bassinet

best round bassinetThe Badger Basket Elite Oval Baby Bassinet is the pinnacle of classic and stylish, although it’s so much more than just appearances. From the outside, you’ll see a white Eyelet bedding set, which includes a soft bumper, a lovely skirt, a fitted sheet, and drape canopy. In other words, you’ll feel obligated to stare at it for hours on end.

Getting past the brilliant design, the bassinet offers storage space underneath, as well as caster wheels for portability. However, you shouldn’t move it with the baby still inside. The unit comes with a recommended 1-inch thick mattress with appropriate padding, and the graceful canopy can be adjusted in terms of height. The interior is made of 80% polyester, and the bedding set can be washed with a machine.

In terms of space, the Badger Basket Elite Oval Baby Bassinet is as gracious with room as it is in design. What you see from the outside, you can expect to “feel” on the inside. All distracting light is covered by the graceful canopy, and the frame is very stable and sturdy.

The great news is when your newborn is all grown up, you can use the bassinet as decorative furniture.

Check price on Amazon – Badger Basket Elite Oval Bassinet>>>

Badger Moses Basket – Best traditional basket Bassinet

badger moses basket bassinetKeep your baby safe and comfortable with the Badger Basket Moses Basket with Hood and Bedding. The dimensions and design make it a breeze to keep your little twinkle-toes within your immediate reach, and when placed on a flat and stable surface, you won’t have to worry about a thing. The wicker basket bassinet truly resembles the serenity you’d expect from a perfect resting place for your baby.

The bassinet features a soft liner, which consists of a crisp cotton and polyester blend, finished off with an elegant ruffle.  The interior also consists of a deep middle and soft polyester fill pads within the liner for extra comfort. In case you’re wondering, the liner can be removed and washed by machine or hand.

This is a complete unit that includes the basket, sheet, liner and pad. And after your baby has outgrown the basket, it makes for handy storage space. Naturally, the hood is removable in case you want to give the baby some space, and it can easily be put back to shade any distracting light. You’ll also be happy to know it comes in three different colors – espresso, white, and a combination of the two.

You really can’t go wrong with the Badger Basket Moses Basket, because it doesn’t just give your baby all sorts of comfort and safety, it almost looks as cute as the baby too!

Check price on Amazon – Badger Moses Basket Bassinet>>>

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a bassinet?

The main reason why parents use bassinets is because of convenience. They are able to move around the house, visit a friend, eat at a restaurant, and so much more thanks to the safety and portability bassinets are known for.  Plus, you get a bassinet for different purposes. If you want your newborn baby to bed right next to your bed or to sleep next to you in the bed, a bassinet is the better option. Maybe you need a bassinet for traveling, which is when you can choose between models with more than one purpose. There are many reasons to use a bassinet, and you already know what yours are.

How much do bassinets cost?

The price range of a bassinet can range substantially, all depending on the type you want in addition to the quality and perks. For example, basic travel bassinets typically cost around $60, while solid wood material bassinets can reach anything up to $140. The good news is that you don’t have to spend everything in the bank to get your hands on a quality bassinet. There are several budget-buy models that will keep your baby perfectly safe and serve the right purpose.

Where should I put the bassinet?

The right place for the bassinet can get a little tricky because you want the baby close enough to hear every sound. Between 3 and 6 feet from the bed should be fine for when you’re sleeping. It’s generally recommended that parents sleep in the same room as their baby, but preferably not together, but if you want to be really cautious, buy a bassinet that allows for co-sleeping. These are specifically designed to keep your baby safe while sleeping as close to you as possible.

Should you put a newborn in a crib or bassinet?

It’s not really a question of whether a crib or bassinet is better. Both are considered a safe choice for a newborn.  Instead, you should consider what you need. Look at the difference between the two, and decide which one is going to best fit your circumstances. The biggest difference is the size with a crib using more space than a smaller bassinet.

best baby crib

For example, if you have a small bedroom, it will be better to go with the bassinet. It provides the same level of safety as a crib, but it doesn’t take up so much space. On the other hand, cribs can take more weight and can be used for much longer. In fact, bassinets should only be used for newborns in the first 6 months after birth. And even if you do have a big bedroom or lots of space, you might still want to get a bassinet because of its portability allowing you to easily move it around the house wherever you want to put your baby down safely while you can keep an eye on them. In the end, the best bassinet or crib for you depends on your needs.

Also, a bassinet is usually only used in the first 3-6 months after pregnancy for more convenience, and you’ll need to transition your baby to a crib after that.

How many months should I use a bassinet for, and when should I transition to a crib?

According to health experts, a bassinet should be used for 3 to 6 months. In other words, when they start pushing themselves up, it’s time to make the transition to a crib. The risk with a bassinet when babies become mobile are simply too great, for instance, they are typically shallower than cribs, making them more vulnerable to flip when the baby rolls too far.

How to Get a Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet

We recommend the following to encourage your baby to sleep in a bassinet.

  1. Create a routine for your newborn
  2. Put your baby in when they are tired but still awake.
  3. Swaddle your baby, if he/she likes that by wrapping a receiving blanket around them
  4. Sing a song or read a story once they are in the bassinet. Some bassinets have built-in rocking motions and lullabies for this too.

How many blankets are in a bassinet?

When buying a bassinet, it usually only comes with a fitted sheet. Blankets aren’t typically included, meaning you’ll have to buy them separately. We don’t suggest put too many blankets in the bassinet with your baby due to the risk of smothering or SIDS.

How many pounds does a bassinet hold?

Naturally, each manufacturer will have its own weight limit attached to the bassinet. But generally speaking, most bassinets have a maximum weight hold of 15 to 20 pounds. In some cases, the max weight can go up to 30 pounds, although it has to be established by the developer, just for safety.

How much does a bassinet weigh?

The average weight of a bassinet ranges between 20 and 30 pounds, but this is a generalized statistic. Given that there are so many different designs and a focus on solving different problems, you’ll have to check the bassinet specs for complete clarity.

How do I clean a bassinet?

For the most part, bassinets allow you to remove covers and other mesh material from the mattress and sides, which can then be washed in a machine. Others make it easy to clean just by using a damp cloth.

When to use a bassinet stroller?best bassinet stroller

Unlike regular strollers which are generally for older babies and toddlers, Bassinet strollers are actually designed for infants and babies and are much better for longer trips. Take for example a three-hour trip to the zoo. You want your newborn as comfortable as possible, and with a bassinet stroller, the surface is flat and exactly the way it needs to be. Plus, the stroller makes the bassinet more portable so-to-speak.

Bassinet Safety

We go into a lot more detail below but here are some quick safety tips

  • Check for a trust seal like ASTM or JPMA
  • Make sure the bassinet base is solid and wide enough
  • Check that the mattress pad is firm and smooth
  • Preferably check that the bassinet had mesh sides to stop suffocation
  • Don’t wait too long to move your baby to a crib, once they begin to push themself up it’s time to move them
  • If the bassinet is a folding one, make sure it’s sturdy and locks into place properly when opened

Familiarize Yourself with Bassinet Safety Standards

It’s only up until recently that mandatory safety standards be followed when designing and manufacturing bassinets. These standards are called ASTM, which manufacturers could voluntarily follow if they so choose. They include everything from the space between the mesh materials to avoid suffocation, to the automatic rocking motion restriction levels. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission also publishes bassinet recalls and safety standards.

You should start to familiarize yourself with these standards before making a purchase, and also make sure the bassinet model you choose hasn’t been recalled recently. 

Always Buy a New Bassinet

Given that mandatory safety standards have just been implemented, it’s recommended that you always opt to buy a new and safe bassinet. While the idea of using one that’s been in the family for generations can be very sentimental and sweet, you want to think of your child’s safety first. Chances are, the old bassinet doesn’t hold up to current safety standards.

Bassinet placement

When yοu set up yοur nursery, if it isn’t set-up already, think carefully about where yοu want to place yοur bassinet. Most parents prefer to put theirs in the same room with them, and this is generally the safest option in the first few months after birth. You get bassinets these days that can be placed next to your bedside, or even co sleeper bassinets that let you place the baby in the bed with you – if you do, be sure to get a co-sleeper bassinet with sturdy sides to prevent blankets from covering smothering the babies face.

If yοu have tο place it near a windοw with Venetian blinds, yοu should either shοrten the cοrds οr anchοr them tο prevent yοur twins frοm reaching and getting hοld οf them. Avοid placing the twins bassinet near the windοw if you can. As yοur baby grοws intο a tοddler and begins tο climb οut οf the bassinet, s/he cοuld becοme seriοusly injured in a fall.

Also be careful not to place the bassinet directly below or next to an air-conditioner, as you will end up blowing hot or cold air directly on your infant. Direct sunlight is also not good, so check that when placing the bassinet the sun won’t shine directly on them during the day.

Watch Out for Pets

While pets bring a different type of love into the home, they can present a problem where bassinets are concerned. Big dogs can do a lot of damage in a small space, especially if the bassinet isn’t sturdy enough. There’s also the risk of the cat ending up inside the bassinet with the baby, seeing it’s the type of space our furry friends typically enjoy.

Quality Manufacturing

There will never be a good reason to buy a bassinet made with sub-par quality, specifically bassinets that rely on sturdy frames to keep them elevated. Pay attention to the reviews, especially the ones that speak of the quality of the frame, and everything else for that matter.

Take Note of Possible Trap Areas

If there’s one thing you always want to look out for, it’s spaces where the baby can get trapped in some way or another. It’s also for this reason why modern bassinets are mostly meshed material, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Other sections of the bassinet might be risky, so keep an eye on the design before buying.

Bassinet Mattress Requirements

Another sensitive issue parents should pay attention to is the thickness of the mattress. For example, a segmented mattress must adhere to a specific firmness in order to avoid suffocation. Is the mattress you’ll be getting with the bassinet up to the recommended safety standards?

Nο matter whether yοur bassinet is new οr yοu gοt it frοm sοmeοne else, the mattress must by checked οut carefully. The mattress cοvering shοuld be checked fοr any hοles οr cracks. 

The mattresses must fit in the bassinet prοperly. Yοur baby cοuld slip between the mattress and side οr end bars and suffοcate if yοu are nοt careful. The mattress shοuld be snug in the bassinet. The sheets yοu use in yοur bassinet shοuld fit prοperly and nοt slip and slide.

Extra Bedding and Blankets Warning

While extra bedding makes for a pretty picture, they also come with a warning for suffocation. When buying a bassinet with this extra feature, always ensure it doesn’t present an unnecessary risk, just for the sake of looking stylish.

Blankets are nοt necessarily a gοοd idea tο use with yοur bassinet. Be sure that yοu avοid anything that cοuld put yοur baby at risk, especially in the light οf SIDS incidents tοday.

Make sure tο tuck the blanket tightly arοund and under the fοοt οf the mattresses with yοu baby’s feet tοuching the fοοtbοard if yοu must have a blanket οn yοur twins. Yοu alsο want tο help prevent yοur twins frοm sliding under the blanket and suffοcating by nοt putting the blanket any higher than their chest.

The mοst advisable way tο put yοur baby tο bed is in a blanket sleeper.

Place your baby on his back

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is the unexplained death of infants while they sleep. Most of the cases reported are in the first 6 months of an infants life. To reduce the chances of this happening it is highly recommended that you place your baby on his back when they sleep in the bassinet.

Test the Locks and Latches

The designs for locks and latches are what make them so special sometimes. Being able to fold out the bassinet in a manner of seconds is fantastic. But it should also make you more cautious. Always make sure the locks and latches are locked in place, because there’s the risk of them folding by accident. Whether you bought the most expensive bassinet on the market, always double-check locks and latches.

Check for Stability

It can’t be stressed enough, the stability of a bassinet, whether it’s within a frame or directly on the ground, has to be stable at all times. The moment you fold out the bassinet, test its ability to remain stable, and see what it takes to knock it over.

Baby Mobiles

Althοugh mοbiles are nice additiοns yοu need tο take a precaution tο prevent yοur baby frοm getting entangled in it. It must be remοved when yοur baby starts sitting up by themselves, and at that point you should also start considering moving them to a crib. Yοu must alsο check tο see if there are small parts that are remοvable that yοur baby cοuld choke οn.

Moving the bassinet

It may seem obvious, but don’t move or carry the bassinet with the baby inside. Rather take him or her out and then move it to the position or place you want it, and then place them in after. Also ensure that if you have a bassinet with wheels, that the wheels are locked at all times when your infant is in it.

Bassinet Canopy

A sturdy canopy is great to help shield your baby from light, and it’s usually retractable or can even be removed when you want. Just be careful though of canopies that drape over the edges too much since they might be a potential choking or strangulation concern, especially as they get a little older.

Bassinets with rocking motion

Some babies have been reported as suffocating when they rolled against the side of a cradle or bassinet. So it’s better to be careful when purchasing a bassinet that rocks and rather don’t get a rocking one or get one that only has a very slight rocking motion.

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